The Kaiju Crypto Club CCG

A 1/1 NFT Card Game Release That You Can Own and Publish. Each card will be unique and will represent one cryptocurrency. Only one card for each cryptocurrency will ever be published.

Where Can I Buy KCC NFTs?

Official cards are minted and sold on OpenSea:

The price of each KCC NFT is 1.75 ETH. There will only ever be 1 of each card created and sold. These are limited edition, legendary, unique items.

What does it mean for me to have ownership over the IP?

Embedded in each NFT:
A Kaiju & Crypto based collectible card game designed by a former executive 
producer of LucasArts and Pokemon Franchises.

This is the first NFT collectible card game where you are the owner, publisher 
and rights holder for each 1/1 card created. Collect them all and publish your 
own game! This NFT also unlocks the original PSD for the Kaiju character, a 
non-animated file for the card, and a print-ready PDF file.

You may use the content for merchandise, marketing or any other purpose as 
long as "© Copyright Kaiju Crypto Club. All Rights Reserved." is included in 
each usage in some way. You may add your own credits on top of this as needed. 
Should you resell or lose the original NFT, you will also relinquish all rights 
to the next owner for all products or derivative products created. So please be 
careful and aware that to retain these rights, you must retain the NFT.

Kaiju Crypto Club shall retain rights to derivative works for online play-to-earn
or other online purposes only. We shall not create merchandise for sale or any
physical products. We shall not use the card as pictured or the character as 
pictured. Derivative works shall mean that we completely redo the art for the
character in a different art style should we choose to use it as to not 
compete with the NFT holder. Any derivative works shall also not constitute 
a CCG game - but rather a different style of gameplay so as to not compete with
the NFT holder.

There will be 1 card representing each major cryptocurrency.

How Many NFT Cards Will Be Created?

Over 1000 cards are planned to be created and minted. As more cryptocurrencies are created, we will introduce even more cards and content.

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